Premium products from Gifu

Gifu Prefecture is in inland of Japan, located near the center of the main island (Honshu), blessed with a rich natural environment represented by the Kiso Three Rivers - the Kiso, Nagara and Ibi - and the Hida Mountains. It is known for various traditional practices and industries, including Ukai, cormorant fishing, cutlery and washi, Japanese paper.

The prefecture is broadly divided into 2 areas, the northern part called Hida and the southern part called Mino. But, people usually considered this prefecture is consisted with the 5 areas of Gifu, Seino, Chuno, Tono, and Hida, and each area has fostered unique cultural practices and industries developed in harmony with its own natural surroundings.

From traditional crafts made with technniques passed down the generations to products manufactured by industries developed with deep roots in region, Gifu has offered various high quality products which have long been favored and highly praised not only in Japan but also internationally.
This shows not only that makers believe in the mission to create with passion, skills pride, but also they pour their hearts and thoughts into to every item, and the continuous refinement of their techniques.

GIFU Premium is a special pop-up shop/store to introduce/celebrate the products and people from Gifu, creating and developing the culture and the economy of the region.

From Tokyo to across Japan and beyond the nation, we tell the untold stories of Gifu’s creativity. The makers of this area believe their mission is to create with passion, skills and pride and bring the exceptional quality to every product.




This area in the center of the prefecture is composed of 6 cities and 3 towns, including the city of Gifu, the prefectural capital. On the Nagara River, called one of Japan’s three purest rivers, the traditional technique of Gifu Nagara River cormorant fishing is still preserved today.


This area in the southwest of the prefecture is composed of 2 cities and 9 towns, including Ogaki, the City of Water, blessed with plentiful ground water, and Sekigahara, the site of a famous battle. On Mt. Ibuki rising up in the west, koraicha tea has been cultivated since ancient times.


This area in the south-central part of the prefecture is composed of 5 cities, 7 towns, and 1 village, surrounded by mountains to the northeast, with plains in the southwest. This area corresponds to the upper middle basin of the Nagara River, and the traditional industries fostered by the high-quality water have been passed down in an unbroken succession for generations.


This area in the southeast of the prefecture is composed of 5 cities. Toki, Tajimi, and Mizunami are famous for their ceramics industry, while Nakatsugawa and Ena boast a majestic natural environment. Well-known local specialties include Mino ware and chestnut kinton.


This area is in the north of the prefecture is composed of the cities of Takayama, Hida, and Gero, plus the village of Shirakawa. There are many famous spots, including the Shirakawago Gassho-style Village world heritage site and Gero Onsen, and it welcomes many tourists from Japan and abroad.