Top quality! High-class Hida-gyu delivered straight from the farm!

Established in 1948, Yamatake Shoten has been producing and selling Hida Beef in Takayama, Hida, for over 60 years. They provide safe and delicious Hida beef with mainly for the calf production. Yamatake Shoten raises and feeds their cattle with a unique mix of foods, which is why it has such a high-quality taste. In addition to producing beef cattle, they are also eco-friendly, producing their organic compost fertilizer.

Yamatake Shoten’s “Hida Beef Sirloin Steak” is finely marbled and melts softly in your mouth. Its delicious taste is not limited to the domestic market, and in recent years, the company has been developing overseas sales in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries. At GIFU Premium, we deliver this excellent Hida beef directly from the production area. Please order at the store and taste its deliciousness!

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